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California is known for it's magnificent and diverse geography. From the desert to the sea with it's white sandy beaches and from the rolling hills filled with orchards and vineyards, to sheer pine covered cliffs that rise above the Blue Pacific. There are the Ancient Redwood Forests, and vast fresh water lakes cradled in the granite of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

It is the land of the Mission Trail, The Gold Rush and a place where legends were made both in Hollywood and on the surf and sand.

Oregon is a land of Majesty and Grandeur - it's mountains of thick fern covered forests, cascade mountains, and roaring rivers, the deepest lake in North America and The Columbia River Gorge with miles of plummeting water falls and scenic Historic Hwy. Plus the breathtaking beauty of the Oregon Coast with it's charming resort towns.

This is the land that Lewis and Clark set out to explore. This was the reward at the end of the pioneer's trail.

This is a trip for the traveler who wants to experience The American West and it's history and spectacular beauty while enjoying an eclectic sampling of resorts that range from rustic and cozy to elegant and enchanting. You will find it all here on our Magnificent California, Majestic Oregon Tour along with cultural smorgasbord of art and history and the therapeutic release of spa luxuries and culinary delights.










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